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Outsourcing Partner

Customer Experience and Digital Consulting Services​

CX in Action. Your customers deserve it. So do you.


Our pragmatic framework utilises a dynamic approach that brings collective, integrated and purposeful action to fulfil your customers’ vision.


  • Envision who you want to become
  • Design what great Customer Experience looks like
  • Plan to deliver a successful CX program

Customer Engagement and Operations Services​

Deliver the vision. Lower the cost. Increase the smiles.


Using our Groworx Home and Global teams, build and manage the next generation Contact Centre.


Ensure customer satisfaction and operational efficiency while driving down cost.

Digital Technology Services and Solutions

Become the unicorn. Be at the centre of the modern world. 


Our global teams use distributed agile methods that drive rapid results at half the cost of traditional delivery models. Check out our range of modern services and solutions to transform and operate a nimble, relevant and profitable business.


  • Co-create and run Software Engineering teams and Digital Products
  • Choose, implement and operate modern technologies
  • Migrate, modernise and operate modern Cloud and Technical Operations

What we provide


We provide end-to-end solutions for businesses to ensure all needs are met. Whether you need talented teams, modern processes or advance platforms to drive efficiency, we have what it takes to run modern businesses.



Skilled and affordable global workforce​



Modern methodologies and best practices 



Innovate and operate with the latest technologies

Why choose us


It’s the people, people


We source and train modern thinkers and doers-passionately engaged in the world around them. Our people have built and run some of the largest and most interesting technology and operational programs in the world.


Size doesn’t matter


We partner with scale-ups and enterprises alike. Wherever you are in your journey, hit us up for a great experience.


Light Speed


We are nimble technologists passionate about developing and modernising technologies.


Peace of mind


A global outsourcing partner with the coolest and most secure infrastructure and operating guidelines that satisfies the fussiest compliance teams.


We do it remote and global


With globally remote teams trained in Agile and our unique Groworx Home and (GWOW) Global Ways of Working, we’ve nailed the trifecta. Distributed Creativity, Distributed Build and Distributed Operations.

Just ask some of our clients

Create and operate the next Digital sensation​

Transform your

Customer Experience

Operate your customer and business functions at a lower cost​

It's time we connect the Human and Digital

It's how we help you thrive in the modern world.

From a digital-first to a digital-only world, organisations need to rethink every aspect of their business from their digital strategies and product design to their technical and business operations in order to stay relevant, nimble and profitable.

Our integrated services and solutions leverage modern approaches, advanced technologies and global teams to empower the next generation of businesses at a lower cost.

Connect the human and digital with us