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Whether you're a small local business or a global multinational, we'll solve your Contact Centre challenges.

We help businesses build their support contact centre from scratch or augment existing ones. Whether your customers want live interactions or find solutions on their own, we can help you design, implement, and manage a flexible contact centre that keeps customers happy.

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Bridge Customer Experience strategies and great performance
Step up your game with CX in Action

Self-service support enablement
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Here's what you get - impressive isn't it?

Transform your relationship with your customer with a modern Customer Engagement Centre (CEC)
Modern customer engagement has never been this easy. Turn enquiries into sales & service calls and into brand ambassadors. We’ve embedded global teams, leading-edge CX processes and modern technologies to help you provide the best service to your customers.

Enjoy a 24/7 Omnichannel Customer Engagement Team
No matter when or where, turn customer service into sales opportunities with your agents as culturally aligned brand champions. Assist your customers on the channels they use, whether they’re on Livechat, WhatsApp, Messenger, or even SMS.

Save on costs with our Groworx Home global teams
By utilising work from home teams in Australia and the Philippines, enjoy modern customer engagement and operational services for a fraction of the cost of traditional teams.

Forget the hassle of choosing the latest technologies
Our technology teams are the best in the business. We utilize the latest cloud-first, advanced CX platforms and integrate them into our Customer Engagement Centre solutions so you can convert that sale and serve your customers like a pro.

Help your customer serve themselves
We embed and manage self-service technology like Chatbots, FAQs and Knowledge Base to speed up resolution times so that your team can serve new customers.

Give your customers predictable service with SLAs
We craft Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with you that meet your Customer Experience and business objectives. From Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), sales conversion, as well as First Call Resolution (FCR) and Average handling times, it’s all available on your very own business dashboard. That’s peace of mind for you and your customers.

Set up your remote Customer Engagement Centre within 30 days
Agile ways of working, advanced technology programs and remote teams mean your contact centre can start running in a matter of weeks.

Have the business flexibility with no long term contracts
For as little as three months, you can spin up a team for a short term sales & support campaign, bringing much-needed flexibility into your business planning.

Have peace of mind with modern, secure infrastructure
Our cloud-first platforms have been assessed and approved by the largest multinational corporations using our services. Protecting our customers’ personal data and intellectual property, and their consumer and corporate products is a core value. These platforms give your business nimble, future-ready business capabilities that can grow as your businesses grow.

Avoid customer frustration with an integrated single customer view
Let us integrate your Customer Engagement Centre with your systems to provide a speedy and seamless experience at a lower cost. Our expert technology teams will rapidly design and build a modern integration solution.

Don’t worry about training and managing high performing team
Our people leaders, QA and technology platforms are designed to identify and improve quality during every step of the value delivery. We even have sales training veterans who will train your team on the latest sales and services approaches. We just call this approach Fitness Forever.

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So how can you deliver Great Customer Sales & Support?

Why do you need us?

We ensure business continuity with our remote, global teams

For times people can’t go to the office due to crises or other circumstances, our teams are still ready to help.

Groworx Home is a revolutionary way of working that enables organisations to continue their contact centre and technology operations regardless of location.

We equip our remote teams with everything - from hardware to software, so that they can provide remote services from anywhere in the world. Rolling out a remote team is quick, easy and secure because we set up the necessary configurations to ensure information security.

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How can we do all this for you?

Train sales and support teams in radical transparency

Operate seamlessly with sophisticated operating methods

Enable and implement modern technology solutions

Amplify sales and marketing efforts

We can build your contact centre anywhere in the world

We relentlessly drive the implementation of ongoing immersive collaboration into processes and tools to deliver on business agendas

Video First and Modern Tools
Our expertise in modern agile tools like Slack, Trello, Zoom, Jira and Miro guarantee consistent productivity.

Agile Ways of Working
Enjoy a high-performing work culture with ways of working that balance discipline and creativity.

State of the Art Infrastructure
High-speed Internet with highly-secured systems and round-the-clock IT support ensures constant connectivity.

Set up a customer engagement centre in a matter of weeks

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