Leverage our global, agile teams to build your product or feature and save 60{340343f0b7f0d6b37ae49e3b1e98d01bcdc9a483882e9ef7674ff1ec35e472e1}

Delivering complex software projects requires experienced teams working together with the latest technology and Agile delivery approaches. But accessing the best talent who want to work from home, in the next city, or around the world, requires that businesses embrace distributed teams that understand and use these Agile methods.  You can now leverage GroWorx centres in Australia and the Philippines that tap into our sophisticated teams and technologies to deliver on your next ambitious digital agenda. These include:

Compete with the multinationals

You can now access the most sophisticated Digital Engineering outsourcing services available, whether you need a team of 5 or 500. You can extend your digital teams by sourcing a  managed sub-set of your team from our global centre. Or you can let us build the entire digital product or feature set of your digital platform. From architects and software engineers that speak modern languages, to QA, UI  and Devops engineers, we can create a model to suit your own business stage and vision.

Devops and Customer Success Support- built right in

Transition to the operational phase of your digital product is crucial to maintaining the Digital and Human connection. GroWorx can manage the ongoing development and tech support of your product and combine an integrated Customer Success Desk in a true Devops model. Or we can just provide a Customer Success Team with service desk tools to give you and your Digital Engineering team that competitive edge.

We’re open-Your tech or ours

We can build our teams and solutions on your preferred technology platforms or leverage our global partnership with Google Cloud and our Google certified engineers to provide a rapid and hassle free solution with the leaders in the modern tech world.

Your team, Your Culture

GroWorx embeds your company culture into your onsite and offshore teams. This includes branded clothing, client certification during on-boarding, Philippines project team co-visits, and branded collaboration pods.

Save time and cost in training, performance and site management

Every GroWorxer engineer is hand selected by us and receives ongoing training and certification in the Agile delivery, software engineering and collaboration tools that modern companies use.  We also conduct regular 360 Degree performance management with your involvement, so your team is always performing at its best. Don’t forget, with your team in our global centre you no longer have the cost and headache of finding that perfect workspace.

Ongoing feedback, Reviews, 360s, Objectives and 1:1 support.

Agile and GWOW for velocity, accountability and engagement

A true first in global technology services, GroWorx combines its immersive GWoW methodology and Agile training for distributed teams, creating an environment that today’s talent actually wants to be a part of. We help design, install and even provide the collaboration software and hardware if you need.

Philippines and the Global South

Working in your time zone of choice, and with 120 million people and growing, you can now access the best of the world renowned service culture of the Philippines. Come for a VIP Tour today. Bring your partner and stay the weekend. Our travel desk will help connect you with the reason why multinational companies choose the largest service culture in the world today.

Start small and grow…

Whether your looking to augment your own software team or want to prototype and idea for your next business, GroWorx has a plan to help you. Reach out to one of our team today to discover how.