Intelligent Automation Solutions-BPM/RPA

For a modern business to thrive it needs to build Scaleable Resilience. This requires the embedding of operational capability and automation technology that not only embeds automation into an organisational process but provides business owners with the ongoing ability to design, build and automate news processes in just a few hours or days. GroWorx has developed technology partnerships and business capabilities that can help implement a range of Business Process Management (BPM) and Robotic Automation(RPA) Technologies into your business. We have taken it a step further. Using our GWoW collaboration approach, our global Automation Service Desk is an omnichannel team that is on standby to help you and your business owners to cost-effectively design and automate a process and create business applications in record time.

Technology partners

Custom Back Office Processes and Teams

Regardless of how large or small your function, or the type of function you have, GroWorx will use its Business Architects to design a process and implement a team to operate your business function from one of its global centres. Not content with simply replicating your current process, GroWorx will embed it’s Fitness Forever approach and our Automation Service Desk to drive ongoing performance improvement in your business.

Be Cultural Change Agents with G-Suite and Google Collaboration Solutions

A recent study showed that over 16{340343f0b7f0d6b37ae49e3b1e98d01bcdc9a483882e9ef7674ff1ec35e472e1} of organisational capacity is wasted on poor internal productivity and collaboration between staff.  Modern businesses must rigorously chase collaboration platforms and solutions that enable it to perform in a modern world. As a Google Cloud partner GroWorx enables organisations to understand, adopt and manage their G-Suite Enterprise environments. We even run our business, including our call centres, on the full range of GSuite and Google Hardware collaboration solutions. Whether it’s improving the collaboration in your digital teams or an organisational deployment using our global GDesk support team, let GroWorx and it’s partner network help you do the same.

Google collaboration solutions.

Virtual PMO

Running large business and technology programs requires a coordinated and disciplined Program Management Office (PMO) function across the different delivery approaches used in the business. GroWorx has developed a global PMO Desk that provides a range of integrated services for a single low monthly fee. Whether your project is large or small, Waterfall or Scaled Agile, our team are trained to work together to cost-effectively and predictably drive your programs to success. See some of our PMO offerings below. Let us tailor a PMO Desk for you today.