The world is flat and agile. Time to adapt.

In the next few years, over half of the workforce will be made up of millennials who only know agile and modern distributed working approaches. Organisations must solve the problem of working with remote teams while gaining access to affordable talent, but at globally competitive prices.

To solve this problem, to stay relevant, and to compete in a global marketplace, organisations must learn how to work with global teams to deliver on ambitious missions.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a local startup or a multinational business, outsourced global teams are the engine behind the world’s most successful organisations

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Whether you’re in Sydney, London or New York, you’re assured that our globally connected offices can make you feel like you’re working in the same office.

Our people have spent years in understanding and delivering large-scale agile projects from distributed locations.

We promise to relentlessly drive ongoing immersive collaboration into our processes and tools to deliver on your business’ agendas.

Our integrated CX, Technology, Business Outsourcing and Digital Marketing services are creating, operating and growing the next generation of modern platforms and businesses

How GWoW Works

Video First and Modern Tools

Using Video First, our teams are trained in modern Agile tools like Slack, Trello, Zoom, Jira and Miro. This allows us to work with you and your clients without hindering productivity.

Agile Ways of Working

Whether your teams are spread across different suburbs or different countries, our disciplined and creative ways of working maintain an engaged and high-performance culture. With maximized efficiency, the Global Team can get the job done – anywhere, anytime.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Our facilities are connected to high-speed Internet with highly-secured systems and round-the-clock IT support to ensure constant connectivity with our clients. We also have Disaster Recovery Sites that enable us to continuously work even during unforeseen events – like a possible pandemic.

From businesses in small spaces …

… to multinational board rooms …

and training centres

Why GWoW?

Embrace the Modern Millennial Work Approach

Ensure business efficiency and effectiveness by adapting to agile work practices common to a rising workforce.

Utilize Tools That Drive a High-Performing Culture

Integrate modern tools in every creative and operational process of the way you work.

Establish Real-time Transparency

Drive team communication and push and pull information anytime, anywhere.

Have Fun Working with Global Talent

Enjoy working while growing fast with culturally-aligned skilled specialists without the cost pressures of rising salary demands.

Take advantage of cost savings

Save on operating expenses with offshore delivery centres.

Step into the world of modern business. 

Find out what Global Ways of Working means.