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Build the business of tomorrow

Design, implement, and optimize your digital products and platforms with our Global Technology Services

Unleash your business with technology

Enjoy cost advantages of outsourcing to Global Centres

Augment your existing developer capability or build your own from scratch

Launch and manage digital products and services with speed to keep up with digital natives

Ensure 24/7 omni-channel technical support for your team and customers

Leverage our partnerships with leading digital platforms

What we do

Develop roadmaps for new or existing digital products and services

Scale products and platforms to adapt to modern ways of working

Design, develop and manage beautiful products and platforms without the high cost of an onsite DevOps team

Our Services

Custom Software Development

Build beautiful Mobile, Web and IoT applications

API and Integration

Transform your digital ecosystems with an all in one API Life-cycle Management solution

Technical Operations

Global support for legacy and modern technology environments

CX & CRM Enablement and Support

Improve customer experience with integrated and automated CX & CRM platforms

Build your dream developer team

With the vast technology choice available today it’s not easy getting the right developers to work on your next digital project.
You’re looking for people who can adapt to modern approaches while bringing insight and craftsmanship to your own ambitious mission.
To make things even more difficult, local talent is scarce AND costly.
With the Groworx Global Delivery Centres, you can outsource Digital Engineers to augment your existing teams or create a totally new team to design, build and manage your digital product. The choice is yours.
Whether your a local business or a global multinational, you can be up and running in just a few weeks.

Back-end Engineers

Back-end systems generalists capable of implementing cloud, on-premise, and hybrid solutions using different technologies

API Engineers

Engineers that specialize in APIs, Micro-services, and Systems Integration

System Engineers

Engineers that set up, develop, and provide support for packaged solutions like Salesforce, ServiceNow, or Microsoft 365

Web Developers

Experts in developing modern and responsive applications for web & mobile; they use the latest frameworks in Javascript like React, Angular, Vue

Technology Consultants

Seasoned Solution Architects, Business Analysts, and UX/UI Designers to plan and bring to life your digital products or services

Management and Quality Assurance

Ensure consistent performance with Scrum Masters and QA Testers

Whether you’re a small local business or a global multinational,
we’ll solve your technology and business challenges

The need to modernize infrastructures and processes

Traditional organisational structures are moving towards cloud technologies, distributed and externalized workforce to accommodate the global millennial and agility needs

The need to understand technologies

Lack of knowledgeable developers makes understanding APIs, Integration, AI, Automation and Cloud more difficult for stakeholders

The need for talented developers

Finding talent who have the requisite training and experience in modern technologies and ways of working

Our technology and consultancy partners


We constantly engage technology thought-leaders to make sure that you get the best solutions


We are technology agnostic but for those who want to upgrade their API software, we are partners with Apigee and Kong

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