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More than the ability to provide support, our agents are trained in various sales tactics like SPIN (Situation, Problem, Implication, and Need-Payoff) and BANT (Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timeline) to increase selling opportunities. We train our teams to captivate customers through rigorous product and service onboarding sessions using our Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Account-Based Certifications (ABC). This guarantees that our agents are able to culturally relate to customers, clearly articulate your message, and create relevance towards your business.

Sell anytime, anywhere

With 24/7 Omnichannel Contact Centres, our Digital Sales Teams engage customers whether they’re on chat, voice, email, and social. It doesn’t matter whether it’s inbound or outbound, we’ll be able to sell to both previous and new customers.

Whether you’re a small local business or a global multinational,
we’ll help you sell anytime, anywhere

Our Global Sales Teams can be scaled to fit your needs. Need just one to help your startup? No problem. Need an army of Sales Representatives to sell globally? Done.

4 Pillar Approach to a Successful Digital Sales Team

Team Huddles

Our teams regularly discuss and share what they learn from customers so other agents can expand the ways they can form friendlier relationships

Business Reviews

Other than products and services, our teams understand the business territories so they can identify how you’re better than the competition

Deal Stack Sessions

To make sure deals are closed fast, our teams review the sales pipeline so they can focus on accounts that have higher chances of being won

Call & Chat Coaching

Our LMS and ABC programs make sure that our teams are able to incite fun conversations during voice and chat sessions

Don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry. With our CIM method, we make sure that your new sales team is deployed and managed like a well-oiled machine


We’ll know your business inside and out so we can provide the right approach to building your Sales Team


We’ll hand-pick sales experts, train them in the latest sales methodologies and implement technologies. This ensures that your vision of the ultimate customer experience is realised.


Our global teams can provide 24/7 digital connection to your target audience. Our sales methodologies, onsite Sales leads and Fitness Forever programs all come together to deliver ongoing growth for your business.

Increase revenue opportunities.
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