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run Run run Leap run Fly
Monthly price $2,195 $3,670 $7,340
Office and Infrastucture check check check
Agent onboarding 3 days 5 days 7 days
Basic training materials check check check
Service Desk
Branded Service Desk Portal check check check
Call type Inbound Inbound and Outbound Inbound and Outbound
Channel engagement Voice and email Omnichannel Omnichannel
Average number of calls per month 500 1,000 2,000
Freshdesk customer support software check check check
Freshcaller Cloud-based Call Centre Software check check check
Freshchat Live Chat Software check check check
Average number of calls per month Monthly Bi-Monthly Weekly
Ad Hoc Reports check 2 requests 5 requests
Dedicated Australian VOIP number check check Plus 1-800 toll free number
8 hours x 5 days operations during business hours check check check
After hours support check at additional cost at additional cost
FAQs and Knowledge Base check at additional cost at additional cost
Team Leader for daily operations management check check check
Customer Support Representatives check check check
  • Based on 6-minute average calls per month

  • Minimum 12 month contract

  • Plan upgrade is allowed with at least 60 days notice

  • For every additional 2,000 minutes, there will be a $799 Service Desk fee

  • Excess minutes beyond the inclusions will incur additional cost

  • All prices are estimates based on Simple Call Centre Support setup. More complex requirements may incur additional cost

Turn customer service into sales opportunities with a stellar Customer Sales and Support Team

Our agents aren’t just proficient in English. We train our agents to have a full understanding of your business, so they can answer any inquiry while being able to culturally relate to your customers.

Faster onboarding

Not all customers can get things started right out of the box. That’s why we make sure our teams become certified experts about your product or service, so they can support customers fast.

Elevate customers

With our teams, you can ensure that your customers are able to improve themselves and create a deeper relationship with you.

Gain trust

Strong support is proof that you’re committed to making life better for your customers and increases your value in their lives.

Sell more

When you’ve gained the trust of your customers with amazing support, it’ll be easier for you to upsell other products or features that would help your customers improve further.

Centralise customer data and improve team collaboration with a Custom Service Desk

Connect multiple customer engagement channels into one Service Desk for 360-degree customer views that enable better collaboration between teams.


Whether it’s Facebook or WhatsApp, you can ensure that our customers don’t need to leave their social platform of choice to connect with you.

Give customers more information that they can go back to with email support.

Web Chat
Capture the attention and encourage conversations with your website visitors.

Converse with proficient English speakers who are trained to culturally relate with your customers.

We make your Customer Service more proactive and insightful with the included CX technology platforms

See all conversations

Track behavior

Engage directly

Make customer service more efficient with Self-Service FAQs and Knowledge base

Increase resolution rates during critical moments with FAQs and Knowledge Base sections within your Custom Service Desk

We tailor self-service portals to provide support to both your customers and internal teams.
Designing with the user experience in mind, we can ensure that information & services are at every user’s fingertips. Intelligent search forms and chatbots attend to your customers’ needs.

You can publish & manage content with the built-in content management capability. You can co-develop knowledge articles with your customer community through forums.

Do all these while staying in control with content moderation features. Your portal seamlessly integrates with your service desk. This allows you to convert customer activities to requests, and monitor them with all other tickets.

Enjoy the benefits of a self-service portal

Reduce the service cost

When customers are able to resolve their own issues, you’re able to invest less on customer service team members that can resolve queries.

Be more available

With self-service portals, you can make sure that customers can resolve their concerns anytime.

Maximise your support teams

Your teams can now enjoy spending less time on the same old inquiries and can make better use of their talent creating meaningful conversations with your customers.

Never miss an opportunity with Omnichannel Customer Engagement software

Whether your agents are on their desktops or on mobile devices, they’ll never a miss an opportunity to make your customers feel loved and make sales because of the right customer engagement software.

Resolve customer concerns faster with unified customer data and self-service FAQs or Knowledge Bases

Cloud-based phone system and call center software that allows you to set up IVR, inbound routing, voicemails, and virtual phone numbers in 90+ countries

Manage and respond to conversations from your website, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and other chat channels

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