Creating Brand Ambassadors
with Digital and Human connections

The GroWorx Customer Engagement solutions and teams ensure that the customer’s digital experience is enhanced with a human hand. Co-create with us an Omni-channel Support Desk that is designed to delight your customer. Using our Fitness Forever methodology we embed rigorous and continuous process optimisation to ensure your business is performing at its best.

Combine this with our Omnichannel platform to allow your customers to connect via Social Media, Online Chat, SMS, Email, and Phone, so they can communicate when they want, the way they want.

We can provide the technology, the processes and even the global teams to reduce cost and improve your customer engagement.

Go one step further and connect your Service Desk tools with your CRM and our Digital Sales & Marketing team to convert your customer’s great experience into new selling opportunities.

Reduce cost through Machine Learning

Use Machine learning to provide optimal knowledge of your customer interactions so that your Customer Success agents can provide the right advice at the right time. We can even call them before they call you.

Omni-Channel Customer Success Teams

In just a few weeks you can be up and running with a world-class Customer Success team. Whether you’re a small business ready for that next stage of rapid growth, or an enterprise wanting to create a delighted omni-channel experience on your own platform, GroWorx will help you create delightful experiences in a modern world.

Omnichannel Technical Support Desk

Providing specialist technical support of your digital product requires client-focused technical people who are passionate about helping your customers reach their potential. GroWorx will embed and manage its Fitness Forever and Tailored Certification Programs (TCP) for your digital solution, so that your global team is always creating a “Fix Now” experience, whether those customers are internal or external to your business.

Sales Enablement and Operations Desk

Whether it’s improving your in-field sales conversion rates with a 24/7 global desk or managing the account planning process with your sales teams, a GroWorx Sales Operations team reduce cost and help you compete in a modern world.

Inside Sales and Lead Generation

In a modern world, people don’t want to be chased with old-world sales approaches. We embed lead nurturing and engagement approaches that coach your prospective customer as they explore and engage with buying cycle for your product. We embed our Inside Sales teams inside our Digital Marketing Team so that your digital programs are connected to drive results directly or with your Field Sales teams.