Where customers and agents are both winners

Get peace of mind knowing you can engage customers 24/7

We configure chatbots with conversational UI.

Our chatbots will integrate to your website, service desk, customer portal, social media, and other engagement applications that customers use.

We ensure that your chatbot will have out-of-the-box capabilities to accommodate inquiries and can forward high-level queries to the right support team – saving time from repetitive questions.

It also continuously evolves thru automated information mining in your growing knowledge base – improving its capabilities over time.

We tailor self-service portals to provide support to both your customers and internal teams.

You can publish & manage content with the built-in content management capability. You can co-develop knowledge articles with your customer community through forums.

Do all these while staying in control with content moderation features. Your portal seamlessly integrates with your service desk. This allows you to convert customer activities to requests, and monitor them with all other tickets.

Chatbot and Service Desk technologies we use

We’re technology agnostic, but we are partners with Freshworks to create your customer engagement platforms. Schedule a consultation and get a free trial of Freshchat and Freshdesk.

Integrate “Freddy” the chatbot in your platforms

  • Deliver effective 24/7 support

  • Evolve from reactive to proactive engagement

  • Improve productivity with agent-assistants

  • Help customers wherever, whenever

Empower your customers and your teams

  • Unify & manage all support-related communications from multiple channels

  • Work as teams to quickly and efficiently solve customer concerns

  • Prioritize, categorize and assign tickets to keep track

  • Automate repetitive service desk tasks

  • Create a self service experience with knowledge base & forums

  • Identify problems, execute metric-based plans and improve service desk performance

  • Customise your workflows, customer portal, agent roles and more.

Why Chatbots?

Customers prefer chat over phones and emails to engage with brands
People are more mobile than ever and one of the fastest ways to communicate are thru messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or Whats App
Make it personal and relevant
With Chat bots, your business can trigger contextual conversations based on visitor behavior. Are they spending time on a specific page? Prompt a chat to help them know more and increase conversion opportunities.
Generate leads 24/7

Don’t have an after hours sales team yet? No problem because with Chat bots, you can still exchange conversations, manage customer expectations, and reduce team dependencies

Why Self-Service Portals?

Reduce the service cost

When customers are able to resolve their own issues, you’re able to invest less on customer service team members that can resolve queries

Be more available

With self-service portals, you can make sure that customers can resolve their concerns anytime

Maximize your support teams

Your teams can now enjoy spending less time on the same old inquiries and can make better use of their talent creating meaningful conversations with your customers

Feel the love from assisting customers faster.

Talk to our experts today.