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Sydney Australia

Level 16, 60 Margaret Street, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000

Phone: +61280156263

Email: info@groworx.com.au


CX & Digital Consulting

Contact Centre Solutions

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Never miss a query - 

for as little as $8 per chat!

Cut costs with our unique offering: an Out-Of-The-Box Sales and Service Centre. We integrate advanced technologies with Australian and global customer experience teams so that you can get started fast.

How do we do it?


24/7 Customer Engagement Team 

Create ambassadors with real time customer service and operations using our global consultants who are trained and certified through our proprietary Fitness Forever and Mobilisation programs


Set up your remote contact centre within 30 days  

Our decades of experience in setting up enterprise customer centres and advanced technologies, we can have your Australian or global service running in a matter of weeks 


Omnichannel Service Desk  

Centralise all tickets from email, chat, social, SMS, and voice. We can even collect website usage and information from your back-end systems for a true 360-degree customer view. Create a real time personalised experience while improving operational efficiency


Chatbots, FAQs and Knowledge Base  

Employ self-service technology to speed up resolution time and allow your team to serve new customers. Leverage AI driven chatbots create an instant response experience for your customers


Create a Conversational UI for your new BOT Assistant 

We don’t just install a chatbot for you, we work with you to map out the workflows and conversations for a conversational UI. We can even ensure that your chatbot keeps on evolving alongside your business needs with our BOT Chat Management Service.

Call Centre in the Cloud

Streamline your processes and save time with Cloud-based call centre software. Setup a voice IVR with professional voiceovers which all connects and routes to the best agent for the job

We can have your Customer Engagement Centre up and running in a matter of weeks! 

COVID-19 has changed the way contact centres operate.


Outshine your competitors with our unique Fitness Forever service

Have a team that focuses on improving the performance of your business every day. It’s like training for an Ironman! It’s the consistent unseen training that really makes a difference. 


From reviewing chats to understanding data to daily coaching sessions with the agents, our approach is designed to improve customer and employee experience while optimising operational costs. Empower your customer service team to take calls and ease handover to specialist teams 


  • Instill accountability through advanced reporting and cross channel analytics to help self-management and provide insights into customer behavior 
  • We go deliver on Service Level Agreements that we define together with you 
  • Regardless of size, we help you develop Desktop Procedures (DTP) and Business Continuity Plans (BCP) to ensure constant improvement and operational reliability 


Enable and implement modern technology solutions 

  • Cloud-first technologies underpin our out-of-the-box contact centre solutions 

  • Integrate advanced contact centre platforms like Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Computer Telephony Information (CTI) and Omnichannel Service Desks into your backend systems for a 360-degree customer experience 

  • Tailor Information Security and Data Privacy plans to meet your need 

Set up your Customer Engagement Centre today for as low as $8 per chat. Chat with us today and see what we can do for you.

Sydney Australia

Level 16, 60 Margaret Street, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000

Phone: +61280156263

Email: info@groworx.com.au

Get started for with 750 chats per month with shared services and a full suite of tools such as reporting and cross-channel platforms.

Find the best offer that answers what your business needs right now.​

Phone calls are an added cost and a one-time implementation fee is required. 

Chat assumptions are based on a 10-minute chat or call time.

Don’t let customers down in times of need. Convert queries to cash!


With a modern Customer Engagement Centre, you can help customers any time and from anywhere in the world, all at an affordable budget.

But our Groworx Home service allows you to adapt.


With 24/7 Sales & Support teams, we reliably and safely support your customers anytime and anywhere. 


You won’t have to worry about business continuity again.​


Our Groworx Home service reduces costs that would be spent on office co-location. We equip your virtual Australian and global teams with everything, from the most advanced technologies to modern training and QA management approaches, so that they can provide remote services from the comfort of their own home and from anywhere in the world.

 Our mobilization team works with you to:  


  • Map the high-level customer journey and moments that matter 
  • Capture and optimise the processes 
  • Define agent archetype to accurately represent your business and brand 
  • Catalogue your knowledge in our Groworx Academy Training LMS 
  • Review your Desktop Procedures (DTP) and actually get things on screen and script 
  • Create a Business Continuity Plan to ensure your new team always runs according to your own business standards 
  • Create BOT workflows and Conversational UI 
  • Define the SLAs, Reporting, and our Fitness Forever program 

Rolling out a virtual team is quick, easy and secure.​


Package List


8 hours x 5 days operations during business hours
Client Certified Agents
Located at Groworx Offices or Remote from Home
After hour support
Channel engagement


Team Leader
For management and real-time escalation
Groworx Academy Client training & Certification
Fitness Forever Team
Quality & Continuous Improvement Team


Modern AI Livechat APP
(Web & Omnichannel)
Secure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to protect company data
Agent Hardware equipment and a Groworx Home Kit
Provide support for business hours and a great experience after-hours
Cloud-based Call Centre Telephony (CTI)
Customer portal FAQs and Knowledge Base
Groworx Service Desk portal for internal partner management


First Class Office Facilities with redundant sites for disaster recovery
Daily HR and Performance Management
Attract, Develop & Engage
COPC Standard InfoSec and OpSec policies and processes
For ongoing updates and BOT Training
Integration into back end systems
CRM, ERP, etc.


Complete, modern Livechat to get you started fast

Get started serving your customers the modern way

750 chats / month

One-time implementation fee

POA additional chat*

Shared Service
(Email / Webchat)
Shared Service
Client Provided
Managed by Client
N / A
Email / Phone


Advanced Omnichannel Livechat for growing businesses

Answer customer demands and grow your business

2,000 chats / month

One-time implementation fee

POA additional chat*

Dedicated Team with backup team
16x5 (at additional cost)
(Phone, FB Messenger, Twitter)
Yes, Dedicated
Yes, Basic training material created
Shared Team
Additional Cost
Will build and manage at additional cost
GW Livechat Support
Yes, Calls extra
Additional Service


A fully integrated, Customer Engagement Centre

Expand operations and deliver world-class customer experiences

5,000+ chats / month

One-time implementation fee

Additional chat included*

Dedicated Team
24x7 (at additional cost)
Omnichannel +
(+Whatsapp, Viber + SMS, Slack / Teams)
Team Lead + Dedicated Ops Manager
Customised Video Training & Client Certification
Dedicated Team
Will build and manage at additional cost
+ Slack & Teams Integration
Dedicated Operations Manager
At extra cost