Breathing life to communities

At the centre of the Groworx vision is to contribute to the communities we operate. This Impact Sourcing builds delivery capability in emerging economies to tap in their rapid growth of emerging talent, and develop that talent with the business and technology skills needed for a modern business and modern economy. With these advanced skills, the salaries and living standards in those communities rise. By partnering with government, local industry and educational institutions, we are able to build delivery centres where they are needed most.

In addition, our Groworx Communities and Groworx Academy teams constantly seek out dedicated projects where we can contribute corporate resources to drive additional infrastructure and training that each community needs. This could involve money and our people and our partners in developed economies like Australia and the US. The projects could include building remote purpose built academies in rural communities to deliver a very specific service.

Or it could be a medical centre or an agricultural project. The Groworx and partner staff from around the world have the opportunity to contribute on the ground to these actively coordinated projects.

Our first delivery centre is in the Philippines, as they are renowned for their unrivaled customer first attitude, their superb language skills, and their timezone to the Asia pacific region. This is underpinned by their existing scale of 120+ million people, and large IT and BPO skills. The rapid growth of that talent can be leveraged immediately for our clients worldwide while developing the Groworx mission.

We are on a mission to build other centres in emerging economies like South America and Africa, where Groworx will continue to drive lasting change.

Let’s improve lives together