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Weekly News Round-Up with Curiosity Worx (November 9 to 13, 2020)

This week, we’ve rounded up some insightful articles that reflect the year that has been and the potential 2021 brings in the areas like customer experience, contact centres, and modern technology.​

Weekly News Roundup with Curiosity Worx (October 5 to 9 2020)​

If there’s one thing that this pandemic has taught businesses and their leaders, that is to adapt to sudden changes and rise above adversity. Staying on top of current trends and news can make huge impact in decisions that can affect businesses in the long run. For this week, we’ve rounded up some notable news about transforming businesses with the use of AI technology, improving brand-customer communication using chatbots, and designing customer-centric journeys and experiences.​

Bots Are Not Band Aids: 6 Steps to Prevent Chatbots from Losing Your Customers​

Every business and its customers are enduring the frustrating and sometimes debilitating impact of the pandemic on how they engage with each other. To be successful, this important symbiotic relationship relies on a minimum level of transactional capability for the relationship to be a fruitful one. Businesses want to sell and serve while customers want to buy and be taken care of. These highly personal experiences are two sides of the same coin for which our life and personal economies rely.  Despite digital capabilities being pervasive for over a decade, many businesses are still in the early stages of their digital transformation. But businesses have always had a failsafe - the ability to provide in-person assistance to serve customers, which has slowed under the cloud of the pandemic.   At the centre of the problem is the transition from in-person contact with a business, to a digital-only or digital dominant connection. This has seriously impacted businesses and their ability to cost-effectively provide a good sales and service episode to their customers.   While the speed of this transition has accelerated many digital agendas, there are some strategies and tactics that can connect the digital business with their customer in a personal way.  Think about this for a moment. With everyone staying at home or working remotely, the days are longer and the line between work and personal lives are increasingly blurred. The notion of a work day and after-hours support is evaporating, flattening the curve of connection between a business and customer. In a digital dominant world, the traditional 5pm close time doesn’t exist.  So how does a business provide for the surge of an always-on sales, service and operations capability with limited resources? ​

Live chat vs chatbot: Groworx settles the score with first webinar​

 Last August 13, 2020, Groworx conducted its first webinar entitled, Live chat vs Chatbot? How to create a united strategy for business success. As a modern outsourcing and consulting company, Groworx helps organisations stay ahead of the competition by leveraging advanced technologies, customer experience (CX) strategies with purposeful action and global sales and support teams.   To deliver world-class solutions, Groworx partners with the top technology enterprises such as Freshworks, a cloud-based customer service software with over 40,000 customers that offers businesses with a wide array of SaaS solutions like live chat and chatbot capabilities. As the experts on the technology behind live chat and chatbots, Freshworks was the perfect partner to discuss the finer details. That’s why Groworx partnered with Freshworks for the webinar to help viewers better understand what a live chat and chatbot should be able to do.    Groworx’s CEO, Dan Sandiford opened the webinar by laying out the foundation for why the question of live chat and chatbots even matters in today’s landscape. In his talk, he explained how the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the need to agility and digital transformation in order to meet customer needs and expectations. Businesses need to continue to be present where their customers are or augment their current capabilities to meet the volume.   Next, Groworx’s Chief Customer Experience Officer, Shelley Beeston, discussed how live chat and chatbots need to be fully integrated and woven into organisations’ CX strategies to provide a seamless experience. She talked about how businesses can utlilise live chat and chatbots in order to answer customers’ needs.    Dan and Shelley were joined by Arvind Sekar, Freshwork’s Lead Partner Sales Engineer of the ANZ Region, what the basic functions and strengths of live chat and chatbots are. With that setting, Arvind discussed what decisionmakers need to consider when choosing a live chat or chatbot platform.     Ultimately, Groworx’s first webinar offered an overview of the current landscape and dissected live chat and chatbots allow organisations to meet customer needs. Business decision-makers will learn how to find the right live chat or chatbot for them and how this can be integrated into their overall CX strategy.     So what is the answer to the question of live chat versus chatbot? Both! Find out why by watching the full webinar below. If you’re interested in future webinars, subscribe to Groworx’s newsletter for news and updates. ​


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