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As technology advances, businesses are able to create new opportunities that make them more competitive. A key component to unlocking business potential is the use of Application Program Interfaces (APIs). But getting technical experts who can develop and implement API-first strategies is usually difficult, expensive and challenging.

To address these challenges, we provide certified API specialist teams who facilitate the process of defining an API-first strategy while being able to develop with speed – all at a fraction of the cost of an in-house API engineering team.

From designing and developing your API products to operating them, we eliminate the challenges of running an API business

Our API and Integration Services

What we do

Level 0:

This is an API marketplace and fully-featured developer portal for developers looking into building software solutions with you. It functions as a self-service knowledge portal with adaptive FAQs, bots, and community forums.

Level 1:

Specialised omnichannel support for your growing ecosystem. Enhance your partner experience with real-time business and developer queries and tech support

Level 2:

An agile DevOps team providing consulting, design and implementation for Integration and API services

Level 3:

Platform and infrastructure support for internal and third-party resolver groups

Why build APIs with us

Create better services

Design and build your backend microservices with our highly skilled team for the best modernisation journey

Create revenue opportunities

Enter the marketplace confidently with the support of our team of Business Analysts, UI Designers, Full Stack Developers and API Engineers that can help you build innovation programs that can be monetised. Plus, enjoy over 50% savings when building your API with outsourcing for more profit margin.

Create a thriving developer community

Get more consumers, developers, and organisations to use your platforms with our Global Marketing Services. We will help you build your brand and earn revenue

Be up and running fast

Our packaged services mean we can implement, design, and configure your API platform or Minimum Viable Product within a few weeks

Rocket fuel your new program

Our Fast Start program provides a dedicated team for 30 days to get you up and running with the peace of mind of hands-on support. We will not only design and implement the platform, but we also build your initial APIs.

Enhance the developer experience

Save over 50% with outsourcing. We leverage offshore delivery centres like the Philippines to bring world-class services for a fraction of the cost & time of an exclusive onsite team in Australia.

Our partners


We constantly engage technology thought-leaders to make sure that you get the best solutions.

Sonrai Consulting was born after building and managing a successful API strategy and program in one of Australia’s largest and most complex enterprises.


We are technology agnostic but for those who want to upgrade their API software, we are partners with Apigee and Kong.

Kong is a scalable, open source API Layer that can run on any infrastructure. It can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise, and can be extended by adding new plugins through an easily configurable RESTful Admin API.

Apigee is a cross-cloud API management platform that lets you build modern applications, execute faster at scale and make smarter decisions through analytics and machine learning.

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