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Weekly News Round-Up with Curiosity Worx (November 9 to 13, 2020)

This week, we’ve rounded up some insightful articles that reflect the year that has been and the potential 2021 brings in the areas like customer experience, contact centres, and modern technology.​

Weekly News Roundup with Curiosity Worx (October 5 to 9 2020)​

If there’s one thing that this pandemic has taught businesses and their leaders, that is to adapt to sudden changes and rise above adversity. Staying on top of current trends and news can make huge impact in decisions that can affect businesses in the long run. For this week, we’ve rounded up some notable news about transforming businesses with the use of AI technology, improving brand-customer communication using chatbots, and designing customer-centric journeys and experiences.​


Conquering the Centre​​

The introduction of chatbots in various businesses and industries was met with both eagerness and apprehensions. When customers heard the word “chatbot”, they easily got discouraged, and understandably so. Given this insight and the continuous rise of latest technologies to support our everyday functions, chatbots are also getting smarter and more trustworthy with the help of Artificial Intelligence.  


AI chatbots are more than just your average bots that answer questions based on pre-set FAQs or band-aids to bridge the gap between customer service agents and customers. AI chatbots harvest, understand, evaluate, and optimize customer data that benefits the organization and, ultimately, the customers.  

Months in on this global pandemic, we’re still seeing drastic changes that companies are putting in place to adapt to the changing landscape. But what works now may not have the same payoffs next month or the year to come. So, how can organizations future-proof their indefinite (or possibly permanent) remote workforce?  


This article discusses the important areas which companies should focus on prior to implementation: cloud application to stay agile, ensuring consistent service, supporting remote staff, and maintaining data security and confidentiality. ​

The heART of CX

This year has forced companies not just to adjust and stay resilient, but to adapt to drastic changes around them. It is truly challenging to balance trying to keep one’s company afloat while staying consistent with the level of customer experience they provide.   


These lessons and insights 2020 brought to us can be summarized into three based on CX experts: Coalition, Resilience, and Collaboration.  

Before certain KPIs and campaigns are mapped out and planned, it’s pretty common for companies to look for strong competition in the industry, whether as an adversary to knock over or as inspiration for innovation. This article sheds some light on what is more important than business opponents: your customers.  


Your competitor may have just recently released a groundbreaking technology that looks promising, but will that be relevant and helpful to YOUR customers? It’s best to focus on the feedback your customers give you and make sure to solve the problems in the customer journey. 

IMO (Innovate. Modernise. Operate)

There is no question about the need for more inclusivity for disabled members of the community. CEO of DeafTawk, born blind, talks about the inspiration behind their company that wishes to “Bridge the Gap” between deaf people with sign language interpreters to connect deaf people all over the world with the help of their app. DeafTawk is a mobile app that offers real-time online sign language interpretation.​

Based on a survey conducted by Gartner, companies’ implementation of artificial intelligence projects is expected to double this year. By the end of 2020, 40% of companies will have deployed artificial intelligence projects. But, will they be all successful? One study found that 65% of companies believe their artificial intelligence projects are worthless. Now, it’s not about whether companies should implement AI in their processes/services, the question is HOW? 


Before starting an AI project, leaders should be able to answer four key questions surrounding quick wins, data, project value, and the definition of success. 

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Weekly News Round-Up with Curiosity Worx

(November 9 to 13, 2020)

The end of the year is closing in and albeit the rough months we’ve faced, it’s still worth looking forward to the positives that the new year could bring. This week, we’ve rounded up some insightful articles that reflect the year that has been and the potential 2021 brings in the areas like customer experience, contact centres, and modern technology.​

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