It was much simpler back then. If you had products to sell, you’d open a physical store and hope that you can drive enough traffic from buying customers. If you were the only store within a certain area and had an amazing product, chances are your business will grow. But the internet and modern technologies have changed the world. People are presented with more options, they can buy online, and with the advent of social media, tell more people about their experience.

Take note of the last word of the previous paragraph. Today, experience plays such a factor in the decision-making of your customers. This is where the digital sales team comes in. It’s not a team that just sells. It’s a team that gives customers a delightful experience before, during, and after purchase.

It’s a 24/7 omnichannel world

Modern customers have a variety of tools at their disposal to connect with each other and businesses. It’s really about what’s convenient for them at that moment. Need a quick answer – there’s live chat. Need to discuss more – there’s email or voice. And they can do this anytime, anywhere. 

If your traditional sales team can’t be present during these moments, it becomes more difficult for the customers to have a positive experience. They’ll have to wait for long cues or the next day. Even perhaps waste their time traveling to your store or office. If this becomes too much to bear, they’ll switch. 

Your digital sales team should be there to support and sell to your customer at all times. Utilising omnichannel platforms allows you selling opportunities even if it’s after hours. By the way, we can help you implement, integrate, configure and automate omnichannel platforms.

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Beware of spam

Before, salespeople would buy a database for prospects and send them cold calls or emails. Many still do but because of rising privacy laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), sending cold calls or emails becomes a bit more tricky. Modern data privacy laws want to make sure that users have a choice on how their data is used. So sending cold calls or emails can actually harm the perception about you and your business – especially if they didn’t opt-in. 

A great digital sales team doesn’t have to rely on a purchased database. A great digital sales team builds it. This is where social selling comes in. Salespeople can search for audience profiles via LinkedIn and send InMails or connection requests. The sales process is now more personal as salespeople can have a better understanding of the prospects they’re targeting. Personalised messages make your business more relevant to your prospect and help increase the chance of a sale. Our 24/7 Digital Sales team can take care of that for you as well.

What you’re really after: Earn more money

According to a study, 63% of sales professionals who are using online tools and technologies report an increase in revenue compared to 41% from non-social sellers. They also showed that sales teams who are active online and have a presence on networks that matter to their business and audience are 6 times more likely to exceed their sales quotas than non-social sellers.

You see, a digital sales team is not made up of drones who send emails or do cold calls. A digital sales team helps deliver great customer experiences by ensuring customers get engaged anytime, anywhere, and is more personalised to their needs and wants. Add those elements and you can make sure that your business grows. 

So are you ready to have a kick-ass Digital Sales team? Get in touch with us and we’ll help you create customers for life.

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We ensure proper onboarding of Sales Representatives by knowing every nook and cranny of your products and services to make sure that we’re able to tell your customers the right value propositions that will get them to buy.

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