Let’s get one thing straight. By omnichannel experience, we don’t just mean having the multiple platforms to engage customers. That’s easy. By omnichannel experience, we mean creating a seamless experience when a customer interacts between all your platforms. This is what modern customers want. In fact, research from Target Marketing shows that over 74% of responders said it was important, fairly important or very important to have a cohesive omnichannel experience. 1 in 3 consumers are actually willing to pay more to receive a higher level of service. Sounds difficult to implement, but not impossible.

So we’re here to help you identify the challenges that stop you in providing a world-class omnichannel experience so you can get started on your journey.

Challenge 1: Not having 360 views of the customer

Solution: Integrate!

54% of marketers revealed that the biggest inhibitor in establishing a consistent omnichannel customer experience is not having a single view of customers across channels. So the first thing you need to do with omnichannel is to make sure that all your platforms are connected so you have a single view of customers no matter the channel. This is important because of a couple of things:

  • It sucks to keep repeating yourself to representatives
  • Sales can identify purchase habits and sales opportunities
  • Support can identify common problems and apply the right fixes
  • Identify more insights for business application

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Challenge 2: Delivering personalised experiences

Solution: Automate!

Because businesses don’t have 360 views of a customer, it becomes more difficult to provide personalised experiences that show customers how you truly understand them. According to a study, there is a strong preference for personalisation vs privacy.

The good thing is, once you’ve identified certain customer behaviors (because you’ve integrated your platforms), then you can automate certain activities based on certain triggers. Browsed a product page at least 3 times? Automatically send a limited time discount to finally get them to buy.

You can also utilise bots to automatically answer repetitive inquiries so that your team can focus on high-level work.

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Challenge 3: Siloed departments

Solution: Centralise customer experience with a Contact Centre

Here are the common departments involved in customer experience:

  • Marketing – usually responsible for customer lead acquisition and overall brand perception
  • Sales and business development – involved with selling the product
  • The product or service delivery – Provides support for product or service issues
  • Back-office – Payments or handling collection-related activities
  • IT – Usability experience

All these departments play a crucial role in delivering world-class customer experiences but are often siloed and focus on key department activities more than customer experience. By centralising customer experience with an outsourced Contact Centre, the other departments can focus on their core agendas. The sales representatives don’t have to pass low-level support because now you can have specialised sales and support teams and who can do both. This seems like it will cost a lot but having an offshore Contact Centre can help you save compared to an onsite team. Plus, there’s ROI there too. Just look at the stats below:

  • 84% of organisations working to improve CX have experienced an increase in revenue
  • 92% retention rate among companies with a well-crafted customer service approach

Another way to centralise the experience is through APIs and Integration. Different stakeholders can get access to specific data sets that would allow siloed departments to get a unified customer view so they can plan and implement the right processes and systems that would deliver world-class experience. Learn more about APIs and Integration here.

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So there you have it! To start your Omnichannel journey, integrate, automate, and centralise with a contact centre. Our Global Business Service can help you build, operate, and grow with our Customer Experience services. Schedule a consultation now.