Go digital they say. You’ll reach your target market there they say. You can build consumer relationships with social engagement they say. You can show content that makes you different there without costing you an arm and a leg they say. You did all these and yet, business is stagnant – maybe even worse, failing.

You ask yourself: What happened? You thought digital would solve your business problems. You thought digital would help make things better. You thought your content was different. So why did people ignore your ads that you spent time and money on?

“Be distinct. In the online world, before communicating your RTBs as the brand’s differentiators, you have to be distinct enough to be remembered.”

Guess what my dear marketer: People ignored you because you didn’t stand out enough. Look at the image below. There’s so much content out there for people to consume. You didn’t stand out well enough to be worth their time. You were another brand advertising another product. And you wasted their precious mobile data that they’d rather use for content that matters to them. You may have been different – but you were boring. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

What do you do now? Here’s the answer: Be distinct. In the online world, before communicating your RTBs as the brand’s differentiators, you have to be distinct enough to be remembered. Distinct enough for people to Google what the hell it is your selling. You can always highlight your differentiating RTBs in the sustaining digital content.

It’s essential to remember these two points when doing digital marketing:

  • Differentiation is the perceived meaning behind a brand. Your RTBs and USPs.
  • Distinction is a brand’s ability to STAND OUT so that buyers can easily identify it.

Check out the ads below (Source: Burger King USA Facebook page). Which one would you remember the most? Which one are you most likely to talk about and share? See the distinction?

Distinct creative materials increase your brand’s chances to be top-of-mind. When you’re top-of-mind, it’s easier for people to talk or share content about you because you were worth remembering. And you want to increase that share of voice. This helps you reach non-buyers. A study conducted by Les Bilnet and Peter Field of the IPA dataBANK has shown that increasing your share of voice over your share of market position will drive growth. By having excess share of voice, you gain reach that helps drive profit.

You can read that study here: https://barbanouille.files.wordpress.com/2016/07/the_long_and_short_of_it_pdf_doc.pdf

To create that distinct creative, play on the consumers’ emotions. Make them cry. Make them reflect. Make them say “aaawwww.” Hell, make them laugh to the point of sharting. There’s profit in getting people emotional. Just look at the nerd stats below (source from the same study above). Wouldn’t that growth be nice for your brand?

Originally posted keyframe.com.ph by Ramby Libarnes on June 14, 2018.