What is outsourcing: 

Outsourcing is delegating specific business processes to a third-party provider. The commonly outsourced processes are customer support, technical operations, sales, business operations, finance and HR. 

Advantages of outsourcing: 

  1. Lowers costs

By outsourcing jobs to a reputable Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, you will be able to skip many hassles and expenses. You won’t need to spend time and money to look for the right employees, pay for a bigger office, maintain technologies, and many more. 

With globalisation, outsourcing options offshore became more common. By partnering with the right BPO company, you can have expert teams and world-class technologies without breaking the bank. With Groworx Global Business Services, savings can reach up to 60%.

  1. Boosts efficiency 

Having experts handle your business shortens the processing and response time. According to the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) report, telco companies take an average of 19.6 days to respond to online customer queries, 23.3 days when via phone and 30 days via email. This creates immense frustration for customers and damages the company’s reputation. 

Through the combination of expert support & sales teams and omnichannel technology, you will be able to give real-time responses and engage with customers 24/7 omnichannel when you partner with Groworx.     

  1. Develops customer loyalty 

Giving great customer experience is a vital step in creating customers for life. When experts are handling your business’ engagement channels, professionalism, friendliness, and ability to resolve issues fast are a guarantee. These qualities will make customers happy and increase their loyalty.

  1. Enables focus on core competencies 

Providing great customer experience is a huge part of your business, but when you outsource this you will be able to focus on continually enhancing your products and services. Let the CX experts deal with customer engagement, so you can focus on business innovations. 

  1. Decreases stress 

Not all customers are a joy to interact with. Many are demanding, complaining and unreasonable so dealing with them becomes a great source of pain. Outsource this highly stressful task to experts. Gain peace-of-mind knowing that you won’t need to deal with it personally, but all customer concerns will still be dealt with professionally. 

Grow your business with ease and convenience when you outsource to Groworx. 

Groworx is a dynamic global BPO focused on providing the best customer experience through expert teams and continually updated technologies. 

To learn more about outsourcing your CX, visit our Global Business Services page.